The Meta Box is a tool that helps you enter tags (or other terms) to posts (or custom post types, such as products), while making use of tag groups. Before you use it, make sure that:

  1. you have activated in the settings the taxonomy for that type of post. You should be able to see there the "Tag Groups" menu - see the image on the right.
  2. you have created some tag groups and you have assigned some tags to these groups. 
  3. in the settings, you have activated the Meta Box.

When you now write or edit a post, a new box will appear on the edit screen. In that box you first select a group and then enter tags into the text field. Press comma or enter to turn the text into a tag. You can edit tags by clicking into the label. Tags are case-sensitive and can contain spaces.

Instead of typing, you can use the cursor keys or your mouse to select one of the existing tags.

Depending on the settings, you may also:

  • create new tags in the Meta Box. New tags will be assigned to the group, in which you create them. These tags will be created only once you save the post. You can turn this off, so that only existing tags can be selected.
  • change the group of a tag, by adding it in the meta box under another group. You can turn this off, so that the group can only be set on the tag screens.

When you open a group in the Meta Box, the input field will be populated with the current tags of the post that belong to this particular group. If you close a group in the Meta Box with the trash icon, its content will be reset. The group won't be deleted.

The edited tags will be saved with the post, together with the tags of groups that you didn't open. The result will be the same, as if you added tags in the default tag box. The only difference is, that you can pick them sorted by groups.