The Tag Groups Premium plugin uses default WordPress tags and adds groups as additional layer. Themes and other plugins that are not aware of these groups, however, will treat these tags as one big bulk of items.

If you want to make use of tag groups on the frontend, you have several options:

  1. Use one of the shortcodes that display a tag cloud where tags are organized in groups. Shortcodes can be inserted into posts, pages and text widgets. You can find more information about these shortcodes in the documentation.
  2. Display the tags of each post divided into groups under the post content. You can learn here (coming soon - please contact us if you are interested) how to activate this function. Alternatively, you can modify your theme to display the post tags in groups.
  3. Use the Dynamic Post Filter to display posts that match selected groups and tags.
  4. You can add parameters to your links in order to filter lists of posts by groups and tags. Learn more about it here.